My Philosophy

“Why do something if you aren’t going to do it perfectly?”  – My motto


Well, maybe that isn’t quite my motto, but it is my belief that anything worth my time is also worth putting my best effort forward.    Photography is my art and passion and I take pride in striving to create the best possible images.

We only get to live once.  Each and every moment is special in it’s own way, if only because we will never have it back again.  It is my conviction that we should have something to take with us into the future, something for future generations.  What better than 1,000 words in the form of a photograph?

Being photographed should be a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable time, that not only preserves memories but also creates new ones in the process. Whether it be engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, senior, or family pictures,  It would be a joy and honor to take part in preserving your memories.  Please contact me for packages and prices.