Photo A Day >< March Week 4

Monday ><  I won’t spoil it for you but definitely watch!  I know it just looks dark, but wait and there is a surprise towards the end.  It is what my brothers did one evening for some entertainment. : p   Tuesday >< Paintings hanging on the wall Wednesday >< Sweet Gracie Thursday >< A […]

Photo A Day >< March Week 1

And we are back, with another photo a day.  Yippee!  I only missed one day this week. 3rd >< Watching Tangled per request of Julia, whose 4th birthday was the next morning 4th >< Jack waiting for mom to come out of the health food store/ Shopping at Costco / Waiting for mom and Kat […]

Winter Fun and Friends

You can’t tell from this picture, but this was taken at the top of a big hill called “suicide”.  I think it got it name because it is one of the steeper hills that are farmed in our area.  Below, you can see all the tracks from snowmobiling.  Friday we had some friends over for […]

A Walk Through Narnia

Would you like to know a secret?  I am able to go to Narnia.  Or atleast a place that, to me, seems very much like the beautiful world that the children first step into from the wardrobe.  Wanna come a long?  (Get ready for a lot of pictures) I can almost picture Mr. Beaver peaking […]

Photo a Day >< February Week 2

I put together this post last Friday, and thought it was published, but something must have happened…. Oh well, enjoy!  17th >< Sam cutting up anduile sausage for dinner 18th >< Calvin with the new spurs he got for his birthday. Chris made the fancy straps.  19th >< A box of love from the Chippeaux […]

Around The Ranch >< Cows

First off, Happy Valentines Day!  And now, moving on… It can’t be Friday again already! This week positively flew by, and not only did I not get the pictures taken for the outfit post I had in mind, I didn’t get any Photo A Day pictures.  This week was great, I just didn’t get things, […]

Photo a Day >< February >< Week 1

3rd >< Paul blowing his candle out.  Until now, I had never caught any of my siblings in the middle of blowing the candles out… Really changes the way someone looks / Cherry pie. 5th >< Sunset on the mountains/ Some of the flowers I painted under the tutelage of my friend Amanda!:) 6th >< […]

Photo a Day >< January >< Week 4

Jan. 27th >< My new slippers! Jan. 28th >< “John Deere Green” finger nail polish Jan. 29th >< The smell of my horse.  Have just recently gotten into “selfies”, and this is one of my favorites so far! Jan. 30th >< Christopher practicing guitar/  Jack being adorable. Jan. 31st >< Feather on wood Well, we […]

Photo A Day >< January >< Week 3

19th >< Spaghetti for dinner! 20th >< The well worn play jeans of a little cowboy:) 21st >< Beautiful hoar frost on the rose bush.  For something so pretty, why did it get such a name? 22nd >< My taller, younger, brother in the seat of the tractor. 23rd >< A few members from the […]