Life Right Now

Since I am kind of stuck on the couch with a pinched nerve in my neck and upper back, I thought I would write this post out, because I am not sure when else I would be able to.  Other than the occasional mention of daily happenings, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of […]

CELP Results & Horsing Around

Hey Everyone!  Well, as I mentioned in Thursday’s post,  I went in for my first CLEP test yesterday morning.   Thank God, I passed!  I now have my first 6 college credits, for Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, after about 2 months of intense study.  Yay!   Now, on to tackle Western Civilizations 1. Cell phone […]

Adventures in Calving >< Ranch Life

Wow! What an afternoon.  What started out as a simple trip back to photograph some of the new calves, for blogging and emailing purposes, led to an entire afternoon of new and unexpected experiences. Upon arriving back where the cows were I saw that there was a cow up the draw from me, that was […]

A Visit From Friends

Here it has been almost 2 weeks since Jason, Desi, Josiah, and Annalee left and I haven’t done a post on their stay.  I didn’t really concentrate on trying to get pictures while they were here, but rather just wanted enjoy being around them and soaking up the (too short) time we had with them!Nonetheless […]

Winter Fun and Friends

You can’t tell from this picture, but this was taken at the top of a big hill called “suicide”.  I think it got it name because it is one of the steeper hills that are farmed in our area.  Below, you can see all the tracks from snowmobiling.  Friday we had some friends over for […]

Sunshine Award >< Q+A

 Becka and Cassie nominated me for the Sunshine Award! Below are my answers to their questions: Q: What is your favorite thing to do when spring comes around?  A: Well, since spring time means gardening, I guess start seedlings, and plan the garden out.  I also like switching out winter clothes for more summery ones. Q: What […]

Idaho and Chores // Ranch Life

Idaho and Chores // Ranch Life

To start this post out, I would like to debunk a couple of myths. Number one- Idaho is snow-covered-skiing-paradiso While the world envisions beautiful sights of snow covered mountains,valleys, trees, and hills in Idaho this time of year, the truth is that everything (except for the top of the mountains) is covered in mud. ¬†At […]

Winter Riding

Few other things are as relaxing and refreshing, for me than riding.  Summer or winter, in the rain, sun, or snow, on a horse that is being well mannered or one that needs training, it doesn’t matter.   From the adrenaline of the gallop, to the peacefulness of the walk.  Riding feels as natural for […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

Some of the things on my “favorites” list right now: My new slippers. Moccasins that are camo with pink laces.  Cute, warm, comfortable, and very me.  Skeet shooting. In case you didn’t get the gist from my last post, I am currently in love with this! The clouds and fog that have resided over our […]

Family Fun >< Shooting Skeet

For this “fantastic-ly” fun sport you need a few key components: 1. The right equipment, which includes: skeet launcher, clay pigeons, shotgun(s), and lots of ammo,  2. Some handsome lil’ cowboys to send your targets up into the air (handsome is optional)  >Paul and Sam< 3. Some sharp shooters (don’t have to be sharp shooters, […]