Photo A Day >< January >< Week 3

19th >< Spaghetti for dinner! 20th >< The well worn play jeans of a little cowboy:) 21st >< Beautiful hoar frost on the rose bush.  For something so pretty, why did it get such a name? 22nd >< My taller, younger, brother in the seat of the tractor. 23rd >< A few members from the […]

Photo-a-Day >< January >< Week 3

13th- Our three little pigs eating like, well, pigs.14th – My brother practicing his banjo (love the way it sounds).15th- The setting moon, taken right after morning chores/ driving home from Moscow in the evening.17th- My silhouette, and cowboy boots. Ok, so I have to say I am pretty excited about the moon shot. While […]

Photo-a-Day>< Week Two

5th- Fence silhouetted against the sky/ My favorite belt buckle 6th- Puppies asleep on the rug… What could be more fun? 7th- My braided headband 8th- Cisco up close- Daddy’s horse After being inspired by my friend Natasha, over at Day by Day, I decided to join in on the photo a day challenge.  I had […]

Choosing A Pathway

Here I am encountering the first crossroads of my life where, ultimately, I have to make the decisions.  No longer a “little girl” I only have 10 months left to be considered a child and am looking young adulthood, graduation, and college in the face, and trying to smile and pretend I’m not a little […]

What A Glorious World

It confounds me to think that such beauty as this was spoken into being.  When I saw the mountains looking so gorgeous this afternoon, I knew I had to go out and take pictures.  I cannot even do justice to the beauty that was before me, in these pictures.  Lilly, my companion, anytime I go […]

Hello 2014…

I only have 5 days, experience in this new year, but I think, no, I know that this is going to be a year to remember.  There is something very delightful about a new year, something fresh, exciting, a little bit scary, but delightful, about a new start.  Just like how Anne says “tomorrow is a […]

December ’13

I am very late getting these up, but here are some pictures from around the ranch in December. The only animal that made it in was Lilly, the dog we kept from our 12-12-12 litter of pups. The lighting, was gorgeous! An old calf shed.  One of these days it is going to be fixed […]