Meet Maria


“It’s not what the world holds for you. It’s what you bring to it” – L.M Montgomery


Hello there!  I’m so glad you found your way to my site.  Here is a little bit about me, the face and voice behind the blog.

I’m a small town country girl who grew up in 3 different states:  New Mexico, Oklahoma, and North Idaho (where I currently reside).  No, I’m not from a military family.   Speaking of family, I’m the oldest of 11 children…  My childhood was pretty great, and full of many adventures.

I love God, people, and life.  My faith and relationship with God has carried me through some pretty difficult times (such as having my home destroyed by a tornado) and I’m so grateful that I have the ability to live each and every day in forgiveness, love, joy, and peace.

I was born with a passion for excellence, a fighter’s heart, and the desire to make life count.

Horses, photography, and books were my childhood loves and continue to be, to this day.  Martial arts entered the scene right before my teen years.  Seven years after starting, and subsequently reaching black belt, my brother and I started a free karate school for children and youth in our local community.  We run the school, with the help and support of our family, and use it as a tool to share God’s love with our students.

It’s my desire to live VIBRANTLY,  being an example of how amazing life can be when we let God lead us, and exercise our free will to create a life we love.  And I’m convinced that being healthy and strong, spiritually, physically, and mentally plays a LARGE role in that.

As for all the other nitty gritty details about me, I’m sure you’ll pick up on a few if you stick around long enough, but here is a short list:


I am:

A goal setter and list maker.
Deep thinker.
Very determined, and sometimes stubborn, person.

 I believe:

That one person can make a BIG difference in the world.
When we are loving and supportive of other people, we not only strengthen them, but ourselves as well.
We were created to live a life of victory.

 I’m passionate about:

Martial arts.
Chemical free health, beauty, and living.

I like:

Swing dancing.
Deep + long conversations.

I dream of: 

World travel.
Owning a cattle ranch.
One day being a stay at home supermom.
Publishing a book.