Alaffia Natural + Fair Trade Coconut Shampoo | A Review


Hair care has been quite the journey for me.  Back in July of 2014, I ditched shampoo for using baking soda and an apple cider vinegar rinse once weekly to wash my hair.  After 8 months of that, I ditched that as well and WOW (water only washed) for a year before caving to using shampoo again because I was tired of the residue that our well water left on my hair.   I started using the shampoo I was previously using before embarking on that journey which is an herbal shampoo by Nature’s Gate.   It was to my dismay though that I realized it has one of the worst ratings for toxicity on the Think Dirty app.  It was kind of back to square one for me.

Most natural shampoo’s are outrageously expensive, which isn’t too bad if you are just buying for yourself, but I also wanted to find an option that was economically realistic for my mom and 4 sisters to all use as well. It was a discouraging initial search to say the least.  Which is why I was delighted when I found this shampoo at Rosauers “Huckleberry Market”.

Handcrafted in Olympia WA, no synthetic fragrance, vegan, gluten free, paraben free, and fair trade.  A low rating of 3 on the think dirty app, a low ingredient list, and a very reasonable price tag.   It certainly looked promising…    … but would it preform well?

I’m very happy to report that after using it a couple times, and my sisters using it as well, we are all very happy with how well it works.  It degreases your hair effectively and leaves it nice and soft.  The only thing I could possibly wish for as an improvement is that it had an actual scent to it.  However, the brand had two or three other options there at the store, including a lavender, and a vanilla-mint that both smelled heavenly, so maybe I’ll get one of those next time.  The coconut doesn’t really smell like anything, which when everything is said and done, I’d rather no scent at all, then a chemical scent that has harmful risks attached to it.

(FYI:  Did you know that there is no natural way to capture the scent of coconut?  If coconut scent is in something, it’s synthetic)


Another BIG perk of this brand is that they are a brand founded with a mission: Empowerment of people and communities in Togo, Africa.  The sales the company generates goes towards different projects related to education (building schools, school supplies, giving away bikes), maternal care, distributing eyeglasses (which are very hard to obtain there!), and others.   In my book, that is really cool!  I love the fact that not only, am I buying a product that I need and want for my own health, but that the purchase is helping fund benevolent causes.  Read more about the company or check out their products on their website:

Have you tried any alternatives for hair washing other than “normal” shampooing?

Do you have a favorite natural shampoo brand/ method of washing your hair? 


*This post was not sponsored, all opinions expressed are my own. 🙂

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