Rejuva Makeup Review | Natural Mineral Foundation, Mascara, and Eyeshadow

Today, I decided to share my favorite makeup brand with you. To find out the reasons why it’s my favorite, read on!

Rejuva is a web based brand that has a beautiful, easily navigable, website with lot’s of information to help you choose the right products for you, and great info on application tips for their products. They carry skin care, brushes, and makeup, and also have starter kits and samples you can purchase.  One of the things I love about Rejuva, is that they have constantly been improving and expanding their makeup product lines over the past 7+ years.  Definitely a company committed to safe, quality, products that work well and please the user!

A lot of companies claim to sell “natural”  products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have harmful chemicals hidden in their products, because there is no regulation or standard on the term “natural”.  With Rejuva, you don’t have to wonder at all about the products you are using.  They are EWG verified, and all product ingredients are listed on their site.  They hold one of the highest standards I’ve seen in a company for delivering safe, natural, and high quality products to their clients.  They may seem to be a bit on the pricy side initially but when you compare them with other brands that claim to be “natural” they are very comparable and you can be certain you are receiving a totally safe product from them!

My Experience With Rejuva

When I started wearing makeup at 17, I used Rejuva as for a while, but decided to try another brand, Cowgirl Dirt for a while.  I’ve since returned to using Rejuva because they meet my standards for a truly safe and natural product and unfortunately Cowgirl Dirt just wasn’t cutting it in some of their products (although their powders seem to be fine).  My mom originally found Rejuva through the EWG’s skin-deep website.  If you haven’t heard of it, go check it out!  It’s an awesome resource for finding safe, natural products and knowing what risks are associated with using other products.

What I Use

I’m somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I mainly depend on lip color to change up my look (but I often just opt for a tinted lip balm) so the following are pretty much all of the products that I use for my everyday makeup. However, Rejuva has many, many more products to choose from.


Currently, I use Rejuva’s loose foundation in “Cashmere”,  as my foundation when I have a tan.  I noticed this summer though, that at my darkest it was almost to light for me, so I think I’ll be getting the next darkest shade for the middle of summer next year, and continue using “cashmere” as my transitional shade in spring and fall. Cashmere is perfect for someone with warm undertones!

During the winter, I use their pressed foundation in “Coconut Cream”.  Coconut cream is their lightest shade and works perfectly during the winter when I have no tan left and am at my fairest.   It’s also a warm foundation. As you can see, I’m almost out of it, but it’s lasted since about March.  I continued to use it during the summer as a highlight shade when I was using “Cashmere” as my base.

The foundations on their own don’t have an impressive wear time, but when I prime my face first with aloe vera, they stay put almost the entire day!  I may touch up in the afternoon/evening if I applied it in the morning, but it really stays quite wonderfully, and I’m more than willing to do a little touch up if that means I’m not putting harmful or hazardous chemicals on my face.


I just recently bought their eyeshadow, “White Diamond” and have started using it as a highlighter above and below the arch of my brow, on the inner corner of my eye, on the top of my cheekbones, and above the cupids bow on my lip.  It has a lovely subtle shimmer to it, that I really like!  One of the awesome things about Rejuva’s mineral makeup is that a lot of the powders are versatile in that way.


The mascara I use from them is their Mega Lash, water-resistant mascara.  I’ve used their Pur Lash, volumizing mascara before, but the water resistant is more suited to my needs, so that is what I stick with.  Both are great mascara’s though!  Mega Lash gives great color and definition to lashes, especially when used with an eyelash curler, and won’t budge (on it’s own) if you prime your top and bottom lid with powder and aloe vera first.


In all, I’d give Rujuva a 5 star rating for their commitment to safe, natural, and high quality products.  And I’d give the makeup products that I’ve tried from them a 4 1/2 star rating for it performance.  Go check them out on their site!

Have you heard of or used Rejuva before? 

Do you have favorite brand for safe, natural, makeup? 

* This was not a sponsored post by Rejuva, and all opinions contained in it are my own. 🙂

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