Winter on the Ranch

If you follow me on instagram, you know that we have been swimming in snow since December 8th; four and a half weeks so far and it doesn’t show signs of melting any time soon.  This is the first real winter we have experienced since moving to Idaho 5 years ago, and I am loving it!  Especially considering that the alternative is a lot of rain and deep mud, that having a lot of animals doesn’t improve upon either.  In addition to the practical side, it also drastically alters the landscape and provides some awesome photography opportunities.   I haven’t been out exploring for a couple of week now, as the snow is VERY deep, but here is a collection of photos that I took of the landscape, animals, and textures here on the ranch back when we still only had under 1 foot of snow.
















































































































































































































































































Does it snow where you live?  If so, do you enjoy it?  




2 comments on “Winter on the Ranch

  1. The last few winters have been sooo lame. I am completely enjoying all of this snow!! I didn’t realize how deep it was until I went out to help Hank move the buck to a different pen. Well past my knees! LOVE it!!!

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