6 Lessons I Learned in 2016


When I was a young child I heard that time goes even faster the older you get, but this is just crazy!   2016 was definitely a year for the books of “something else” and probably one of my fullest years yet.  I’ve seen plenty of internet memes and posts from people labeling 2016 as a “bad year” and I get it, it was kind of a strange one.  Personally, I had some really difficult things I went through, but, I’m not going to call it a “bad year”.  Difficult yes, but bad no.  Upon reflecting over the year I came up with the following list of 6 lessons I learned during the year through some of my experiences.

I need Christ’s power in order to forgive.  Before this year, I had experienced my fair share of hurt and offenses that I needed to forgive people for, and it has almost always been extremely easy for me to forgive.  But this last year was different.  I had to forgive someone that hurt me excruciatingly.  And it wasn’t easy.  For a while I thought I had forgiven, but then it would surface again.  The pain, feelings of rejection, and of betrayed trust; and when those things surfaced I could feel something in me that I had never felt before:  a disdain and even perhaps beginning of bitterness against the person who had hurt me.  What I was doing was trying to forgive in my own power and it just wasn’t working.  It wasn’t until I sought God’s help that I was truly able to forgive.

Good health is a tremendous blessing.  In the beginning of the year I was sick.  Really sick.  As in I lost between 12 – 15  lbs in 2 weeks kind of sick, and just brushing my hair out was something I could hardly muster the energy for.   Having always been a very healthy person I guess I kind of used to take it for granted, but no more!  During that time I realized what a blessing God has given me in my health and the ability to be physically active.

What I think I want isn’t always what I really want, or what is best for me.  I was faced with what could have been a life changing decision.  Part of me wanted to say yes to the decision, but deep down I wasn’t at peace about it and had to say no.  The funny thing is, is that in saying no to one possible life, I was saying yes to another.  Looking back I am so glad I made the decision God led me to make, because I know it was for the best and I honestly wouldn’t want to be anywhere other than where I am right now.

God’s timing is always best.  We started our karate class this summer, over a year after being approved by the ABKA board to do so.  While a year and a half isn’t that long to wait, I sometimes wondered when it would happen and in my impatience, almost jumped the gun before God opened the right door.  We started the class in July with our local community church acting as hosts and I feel very blessed in how God worked it all out and in his timing.

can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.  Most of us want to be liked and loved by people, but the simple fact I discovered for myself is that not everyone will like me, and some people will actually reject me because of who I am and what I am passionate about.  But you know what?  I’m ok with that, because I know in my heart that I am striving everyday to become the person God created me with the potential to be.   Some may reject me, but I am original, unique, and loved by my Father in Heaven as well as by my amazing family and a great group of friends.

God really does answer prayer.  This one I already knew, but it was very cool to have an affirmation of this fact, and see how many prayers God answered this year.  And not only did He answer prayers, but he also granted desires of my heart that I hadn’t even prayed about.

What are some lessons you learned in 2016?

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