Goal Setting | Why It Is Important And Where To Start


It can be easy to get caught up in the daily business of life, and forget that we have the possibility  for more in life than just daily routine.  Only living to try and make it through another day, is the funnel that just like a bathtub drain, can quickly leave us feeling empty, dry, exhausted and as if we have no purpose past today.  It has this effect on us because we were created to do more than just exist.

God gave us minds capable of learning about and discovering the incredible wonders of His universe.  He gave us bodies that when taken care of properly and trained, can bare witness to His incredible design.  He gave each of us unique gifts that when honed can be the tools for blessing other people.  But more than anything, He gave us life.  Not putting our best effort forward to use these blessings He gave us, is lazy, selfish, and ungrateful….  And I’m just as guilty of this at times as the next person.

That is where the beauty of goals comes into play.  Anyone who knows me personally, is well aware of the fact that I am a huge advocate for goal setting.  And why not?   Goal setting and follow through is an important life skill that builds confidence, and also acts like a flight itinerary for us.  Goals help keep us moving forward towards our next gate in life.  They add purpose to our life, and make it quite hard to be stagnant.  They are the steering wheel that we can implement to help us move forward in the quest to max out on the ability for living that we have been given.

In case I haven’t already made it clear, goals are an indispensable tool for accomplishing our purpose on earth.

A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking.  A steering wheel doesn’t help much if your wheels aren’t moving.  Proactive follow through on goals is just as cardinal as setting the goals themselves. Each big goal you set may have a dozen smaller goals that are part of reaching the bigger one. After you decide on your big goal, break it down into smaller goals or steps that you can take towards accomplishing that the bigger goal.

My suggestion for a first step would be to write your goals down along with the action steps that you need to make in order to reach that goal. Want to learn a new language?  Write it down.  Be able to run a half marathon?  Own your own business someday?  Ride an elephant in India?  Whatever your goals are, be they seemingly small or big, sane or crazy, write it down!  Somehow, actually writing out goals gives a first step of commitment and solidifies it in our brain.  Plus, years later, it is pretty neat to look back and see all the goals that you and God have reached together.

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