3 Natural Body Care Products For a Healthier Daily Routine.


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend, and are having fun preparing for Thanksgiving this coming Thursday.

Continuing on with the topic of natural health and beauty I though I’d share with you all 3 products you can incorporate into your daily life in replacement for more chemical laden ones.  I know that starting out on any new journey can be daunting, and especially with the many choices available, it can be hard to decide what natural products to try with so many unknowns such as “will this actually work?” being one of them.  Hopefully the following list will help you if you are switching to a healthier chemical free routine, or even if you are already well into your journey and just need new ideas. Whatever your situation, here are some of mine and my family’s favorite tried and true natural products for commonly used body care items:

Natural Castile Soap.  This is a great place to start because you can replace both your hand soap and body wash in one fail swoop.  Not only that, but most are fine to use on really sensitive skin including baby’s.  There are a lot of brands to choose from, some of the ones we personally have used and really liked are Dr. Woods and Dr. Bronners (both found on amazon) and we currently we use Stephenson Brand from Bulk Apothecary; you can buy that in 12 oz, 1 gallon, and 4 gallon amounts.  If you decide to go with unscented castle soap, which is usually cheaper, you can add scent to it yourself by using essential oils.  Our favorites are peppermint and tea tree.  Using soap that won’t dry out or irritate your hands almost completely eliminates the need for hand lotion (at least for me) which is another BIG plus.

Natures Gate Shampoo and Conditioner  Before I went “no shampoo” and then switched to the “ROM” (rinse only method) this is the shampoo I used.  It works great, and if I ever switch back to using shampoo this is probably what I will go back to using.  It is sulfate and palate free and the scent is a very nice “natural” smell, that doesn’t reek of chemicals. We used the “daily cleansing for all hair types, herbal” line but they have other options as well.  It is also available on Amazon with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime! (Amazon is awesome, just sayin’)

Thieves Toothpaste.  Currently, we are now making our own toothpaste (I use “we” loosely as it is actually my mom), but Thieves is a great safe and natural “store bought” alternative  to the chemical laden toothpaste brands that you pick up at Walmart or the drugstore. Yes, your teeth will still be white, and you can feel good knowing that you aren’t damaging your brain with fluoride. *happy dance*   And guess what???  Surprise!  You can get it on Amazon! 🙂

I will sign off with that.    Hope you all have a great week and blessed Thanksgiving!



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