You Are Enough…


…You are wonderful.  You are unique.  You are loved.

In a culture that constantly shouts lies at us such as “You are not worthy to be loved”; “You don’t measure up”;  “If only you do x then…”.  and tries to fit everyone into these neat little cookie cutter boxes, the temptation can be strong to feel like we need to change in order to be worthy of love, friendships, and success.

I know that for a lot of people the area they struggle with this is in the realm of romantic relationships (but it also goes for friendships as well).  Because they aren’t currently in a relationship (or don’t have many friends)  they feel that something is the matter with them, they wonder if they need to do something different. They feel that they fall short of some invisible measurement for being worthy of love.

Let me tell you something.

You don’t need to change yourself for anyone or anything.  You are amazing and wonderful the way God made you, and the right people will be drawn to you for that.  You are beloved and loved by God Himself.  So beloved in fact, that He sent His ONE and only Son to die so that you could have the opportunity to live with Him for eternity.  God didn’t say “Once you reach x level of goodness, then salvation is available to you.  He loved you before you loved Him.  God, the CREATOR of the universe loved you and loved me, even in our depravity.

How can we possibly be effective warriors for Christ if we are constantly doubting how He created us and the path He has put us on?  Don’t listen to the lies that say you will only be worthy if you do more, try to be more, or change.  You are enough, because God’s grace covers all of your shortcomings.  You are wonderful the way you are, because God created you unfathomably unique with a combination of personality traits, talents, and strengths (and yes even faults) unique to you alone.  The journey you are on is one that is uniquely your’s;  no one else will have the exact same one.

Please don’t get me wrong, change is good, very good.  Just think about the changes that take place in a person emotionally and mentally between the ages of 13 and 20. Yeah… don’t know about you, but I’m pretty glad I changed as much as I did.  What I’m attempting to emphasis is trying to bring about change in ourselves out of a feeling of insufficiency.  We shouldn’t ever feel the need to change because of that.  Change should be sought for proactive reasons, not reactive ones, and if (or really when) changes need to take place, God is always faithful to prompt us to that and lead and direct us in the way we need to go.

Don’t stress over it.  God’s got your back, and in the mean time, unapologetically embrace who He made you to be, and run with it; always remembering that you “are wonderfully and fearfully made”.

Now go out and be the amazingly, awesome, and unique person God created you to be!  Live passionately + fearlessly, love continuously, and have courage.


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  1. In your quote the world today, our culture you believe people tell us “you are unworthy of love” I ask, where do you find this true? And what do you mean by love? Because our postmodern society, and our postmodern media think highly of delusional equality, love, and tolerance.
    God also tells us in the Bible who we truly are. We are sinners and our hearts desperately wicked. It is true, God loves us and saved us. But it is not because we are enough or will ever be enough. Quite the contrary, we are Nothing without Him. I Am confused as postmodernism and Christianity has been fused together and distorts our identity in Christ.
    Jesus asks us to die to ourselves to follow Him, that in itself is a big change in Who we are aspiring to be!
    I would love to see what your thoughts are on this as we are to provoke each other to think, and to love! 🙂 I look forward to your email!

    • Hey Shelby! Good points! Sorry, I just now saw your comment… somehow it went into spam. :/ Those are some good points and thoughts, and I’m glad you brought them up! What I was specifically talking about was not so much a direct and stated message, but an implied one. I believe there are different ways to put forth a message, directly stating it just being one of them, but often times things are implied as well. By love, I mean in the sense of true acceptance and respect as a human being created in the image of God, and other people wanting and looking out for your ultimate good.

      Yes, I agree, we are sinners, but that doesn’t change the fact that God created each of us “wonderfully and fearfully” in his very image. I believe that God creates each of us uniquely and inspires in us dreams while giving us the talents and skills to pursue those dreams. He gave each of us a unique personality. In the spiritual sense, no, we can never be enough to meet God’s standard to goodness, and righteousness, but in the physical sense, God created us exactly how we should be in terms of the things I listed above. What I was specifically trying to address here was the pressure to change your interests, dreams, personality, etc to meet a spoken, or even implied standard or ideal that other people hold in their minds of how we should be.

      I think it would be helpful for me to share with you, where I was coming from writing this post, and maybe that will clear up some confusion. Personally, I’ve experienced a good bit of push back and negativity because of karate. What many of those people can’t, or in may cases it seems don’t want to understand is the fact that I’m under the conviction that this is something God specifically created me to do, and I’ve witnessed how He has played a very obvious role in orchestrating things for me to be able to do it. He gave me a fighters heart, but apparently that and the drive and determination He gave me, are problems for some people. Being confident and happy, also seems to be a problem for some people. For a time, I tried to change myself to meet the approval of those groups of people. What I found though was that it was quite honestly miserable, and unnaturally constraining to try and be someone other than who God made me to be. I stopped trying to change myself when I realized that “this is how God created me.” I shouldn’t feel pressured to change so that people would love and accept me. Because really, if I have to try and change from how God created me, in order for someone to “love” me, that isn’t love at all.

      I’m very glad you initiated a discussion on this, and hope my reply makes sense. 🙂

    • You are very welcome Jessica! I know this is something that we especially, as girls and women, can tend to struggle with remembering. I’m glad it was helpful and hope that it was blessing to you!

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