Jim + Taylor // Married

Jim and Taylor had their ceremony on a warm day, the first weekend of August.  The location was a darling old house turned event center, that had the most beautiful back yard ever.   Large trees created a fairy like canopy over top of the lush yard that had landscaping complete with a waterfall, miniature pond, and fish.  It was truly breathtaking!

Narrowing down the pictures for this post was very difficult;  I had so many favorites!  But, alas time doesn’t allow for me to post all of them.  I hope you enjoy the ones I choose.

dsc_3546 dsc_3544 dsc_3819-2 dsc_3475-2 dsc_3501 dsc_3511 dsc_3554 dsc_3657 dsc_3754 dsc_3786 dsc_3797 dsc_3811 dsc_4587-2 dsc_3771 dsc_3560dsc_3565





dsc_3589 dsc_3603 dsc_3615







dsc_3708 dsc_3729 dsc_4075 dsc_4127 dsc_4089





dsc_3897 dsc_3912-2 dsc_3918 dsc_3929 dsc_3959-2 dsc_3961 dsc_3978 dsc_3928 dsc_3992 dsc_4006 dsc_4030 dsc_4151 dsc_4493 dsc_4530 dsc_4540 dsc_4140 

dsc_4512 dsc_4047 dsc_4063 dsc_4181 dsc_4187 dsc_4485 dsc_4254 dsc_4267 dsc_4335 dsc_4223 dsc_4227 dsc_4413  dsc_3825 dsc_3827 dsc_3814 dsc_4427 dsc_4429 dsc_4398 dsc_4408 dsc_4570




































































Which is your favorite?



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